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         Electric rice cooker >> KPD50-800R6
        •  Product introduction
        1.Multi function:bake the cake,pizza,cakeand pie ,also can fry the beef,meat,fish,egg,and shrimps ect.Also can use as BARBECUE/GRILL at home.
        2.Suspended design ,adjusting heating space automatically.
        3.Double control circuit .can control the top heating and botton beating separatately,high effectivity.
        4.Heating elemeant in the cover and bottom .fry and heat the cake at two sides,fast and equality,really need't turn over the food  when you fry and bake .
        5.Bakelite outerbody ,anti-high temperature and easy clean, perfect and wearing well.
        6.Top and bottom aluminum heating tray work at same time for saving energy.
        7.The top and bottom tray can open at 180 degree
        8.The highest temperature can reach 200℃,and then turn down to 160℃,the temperature control between this periord automatically.
        9.Non-stick coating for easy cleaning.
        10.Oil reflows to baking tray design
        11.It is convenient and Environment protection
        12.Power rating:1300W
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