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        Air fryer
        Convection oven
        Electrical oven
        Pressure Cooker
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         Pressure Cooker >> KPD50-900X
        •  Product introduction
        2) Power:800W~1000W 220V 50Hz
        3)Non-stick  aluminum inner pot
        4)Scratch proof and durable stainless steel outer pot,beautiful and durable
        5)Stainless steel outer housing,fingerprint proof spray-painting
        6)Portable handle
        7)Multifunction options:cook rice,porridge/soup,cake,steam,keep warm.
        8)Convenient menu operation,easy to operate
        9)Fully sealed structure for more nutritious
        10)Super high cooking efficiency,save about 60% time and 60% energy when cooking porridge,soup and braising hard food.
        11)Great combination of normal pressure cookers,rice cookers and multi-cookers
        12)Multiple safety device:
        a)Safety set for opening and closing the lid
        b)Limited pressure security setting
        c)Release pressure security setting
        d)Limited temperature protecting setting
        e)Safety over-temperature setting
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