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        Air fryer
        Convection oven
        Electrical oven
        Pressure Cooker
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         Stainless steel deep fryer >> KDF-513
        •  Product introduction
        * Fashionable design with stainless-steel housing
        * Detachable top lid with transparent window and filter
        * Fixed oil tank with drain and basket hanging-block
        * Built-in power cord
        * power and Heat indicator light
        * Brazing heating element,temperature  more stable and wel l-proportioned
        * Abnormal prolect function, thermo fuse inside
        * Power:900W,120VAC/230VAC, 50/60Hz
        * Oil capacity:1.3L
        * Temperature range:0°C~190°C
        * Item size:260×240×220㎜
        * Giftbox size:255×255×245㎜
        * Carton seze:785×525×265㎜
        * Quantity:6pcs
        * Container loading: 1392pcs/2880pcs/3600pcs
        * Silicon handle grip sheath for cool touch
        * Fondue forks(6pcs/set)plastic handle or stainless steel handle
        * Fondue Ring
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