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            The current page browsing 》Qiaokang 》Service support

        Do big business scale, improve the market share is not our ultimate goal, how to win the trust and respect of people, is our ultimate pursuit. Here, after-sales service as one of the most important link in the value chain, we treat service and production, sales, peer, three-horse neck and neck. We formulated the after-sales service standards, established a complete after-sale system, set up after-sales service network throughout the country.
        Efficiency, loyalty and enthusiasm, make the excellent after-sales service team, we constantly innovate constantly change, interactive, provide consumers with one-stop service, make our products into the homes, let more consumers to enjoy our service!
        Service tenet: customer satisfaction
        Service concept: customer centered service create perfect
        The service goal: let every customer to recommend us
        Service mode: one-stop service return all the real-time interaction
        The style of service: bing shall line in deed