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          Concept of talent
          Position recruitment
            The current page browsing 》Qiaokang 》H.R 》 Concept of talent
          Talent is the first resource of the company, diligent, earnest, sum up experience, and constantly learning, challenge themselves, savvy people are the most valuable wealth of company
        1. Adhere to the "fair, just and humane care", adhere to the "ability for this, the performance orientation", regard employees as partners, through the human resource system and the system construction to carry out the corporate culture, establishing excellent human resource management system, strive to become a good employer, to help each employee to be successful.
        2. The selection in accordance with the company values and culture, have the potential to success, have a strong sense of achievement motivation, cooperation spirit, can adapt to change and innovation ability.
        3. Stick to hire new graduates system for fresh graduates early responsibility, in the responsible use and inspection.
        4. Establish and perfect internal mechanism, talent cultivation and development guarantee for career development talent is given priority to with internal selection, external auxiliary agent.
        5. Managers at all levels are the force at the core of human resource management company. Managers through effective recruitment, selection, motivation, evaluation, training and development staff of human resources management, promote department and the company's core ability, support business growth and corporate strategy.
        6. Through planned, organized, diversification of training to improve employee job skills and professional quality, enhance ability of organization, realization of human capital value.
        7. Establish long-term incentive mechanism, make excellent, backbone employees share the achievements of company growth.
        8. The company abide by the relevant national safety, health and environmental protection laws and regulations, and provide safe work environment, employees and employees share the responsibility of occupational safety and health.