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        Qiaokang people teach you how to recognize strcture of rice cooker
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        Thermal plate: the main heating part, it is a aluminium alloy disk installed with electric heating tube, inner pot is placed on it.
        Temperature limiter : its another name is magnet steel, inside is installed with a magnet ring and spring, is located in the center of thermal plate. When you press "start"key,magnet steel suction power leverage switch and make power supply connected. When cooking rice, temperature of inner pot bottom is rising contiously, suction of magnet ring will fade down accordingly. When water in inner pot has envaporated, temperature achieves 103±2C, suction of magnet ring is smaller than spring elastic force,at that time, temperature will be stuck out by spring and cut off power supply.
        Keep warm switch:  its another name is thermostats, is made of a spring,a pair of closed contactor, a pair of open contactor,and a double sheetmetal,When cooking, inner pot temperature is rising contiously. As shrink raito of the metal sheets are different, they will upward curve. When temperature reach 80C, driven by the spring , closed contactor and open contactor will exchange, and then cutt of power supply and stop heating. When inner pot temperature go down to 80 C, sheetmetal cool down and recover. Closed contactor and open contactor exchange again,connect power supply and reheat. Again and again, then achieve keeping warm effect.
        Leverage switch: mechanisim structure, have open contactor. When cooking ,press the key, connect the heating tube power supply, and power heating indicator light. When rice is cooked, temperature limiter rebounds,turns the leverage switch to cutt off and then heating tube is onyl under the control of keep warm switch.
        Limiting resistor: golden yellow or white, 3W, installed between heating tube dan power souce, used to protect heating tube. The usually used limiting resistor is 185C 5A or 10 A( depending on rice cooker power). It is the key part to protect heating tube, can not be replaced by wire.

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